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Graduation de la Famille Anglaise

Graduation de la Famille Anglaise

Jean Baptiste Genty (publisher)

Collections record: 34.13-180

fl.1799-1830 Etching with hand colouring, c. 1815

Rather than all the English tourists bearing a similarity to a well-fed John Bull-like figure, they are portrayed in these caricatures as slim as well as fat, tall as well as short. The object is to portray them with abnormal proportions to make them look as unattractive as possible.

Despite the long history of umbrella manufacture in France, they were more strongly associated with the English because of their habit of carrying them everywhere they went. In this print it is clearly supposed to be sunny as the woman has her parasol open, but the corpulent gentleman in the middle holds a substantial umbrella.

Marlay bequest, 1912 (34.13-180)

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