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La Parisienne à Londres. Le Suprême Bon Ton no.12

La Parisienne à Londres. Le Suprême Bon Ton no.12

Aaron Martinet (publisher)

Collections record: 34.13-191


Etching with hand colouring, 1802

The caricaturist imagines a similar meeting in London, but with exactly the same results. Horse racing appears in the background because it was recognised as a peculiarly English pastime. Again, the graceful gestures of the Parisian couple are set against the awkwardness of the English group.

The French were particularly amused by English women’s headwear. They seemed to come in all shapes and sizes, but were all deeply unattractive. The poke bonnet was considered the least appealing. It is worn by the lady in this print and the woman and child in the previous image.

Marlay bequest, 1912 (34.13-191)

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